Our mission

The legal office is based on combination of traditional values of the Bar with individual and direct approach to every Client, taking into account modern solutions, often caused by needs of present-day entrepreneurs.

The firm renders legal services to the benefit of natural persons, including cases concerning family law, inheritance law and criminal law, as well as for business entities.

Legal support for entrepreneurs that allows to take actions in compliance with the law and with best interest of the entity, is one of the most important objectives of our firm. The   achievement of this goal is possible with the use of practical approach to legal problems, connected with day-to-day business operations.

Our philosophy is to provide our Clients with the highest quality legal services rendered dynamically yet scrupulously.

The law firm provides Clients with regular and permanent legal services  and supports them in a response for a single commissioned task.

Tax solutions are based on cooperation with the economist and tax specialist as well as with licensed accounting office.